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145 Thad Johnson will be moving forward and will become the Ottawa headquarters for Canadian North!

The Minister of Transport, the Honorable @Pablo Rodriguez, recently announced an investment of up to $11 million under the National Trade Corridors Fund to build a new cargo facility for Canadian North, the Inuit-owned airline. To further enhance this commitment, Canadian North will be matching the Government of Canada’s investment, bringing the total combined funding for this project up to $22 million.

This warehouse will be located at 145 Thad Johnson, on the grounds of the Ottawa International Airport and will reduce delays in cargo handling capacity and increase connectivity between different modes of transportation at the airport.

In addition, this new facility will adopt environmentally friendly technologies and expand energy-efficient refrigeration and freezing areas to reduce waste and preserve essential goods destined for the Canadian Arctic.

"Jennings Real Estate is honored to be part of this important project for Canadian North and the Ottawa International Airport. This new facility will double Canadian North’s cargo capacity and help reduce the costs of shipping goods to the North. As the development partner on this project, we look forward to working alongside Canadian North and further expanding our relationship with the Airport Authority" - Christian Jennings.


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